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Importance of Employment documentation

employment documentation

As an employer, you should think of employment documentation as your history of an
employees’ relationship with your company.

  1. Accurate employment documentation allows decisions to be made with as much information as possible. It also ensures that there is a lasting record of the reasons for termination or disciplinary action, even if memories fade or the decisionmaker leaves the company.
  2. Consistent documentation is essential for employers to properly evaluate their staff
    and avoid liability connected with disciplining and terminating employees.
  3. Employers must ensure employment documentation is current (a job description from 10 years ago is of little use if the job has evolved over the years). Therefore, employers must ensure documents are maintained and regularly updated to be able
    to be used in a meaningful way.
  4. Finally, employment documentation allows employers to be more consistent in their decision-making, thereby reducing the risk of perceptions of favoritism or discrimination creating equality in the workplace.

Employment documentation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pre-employment scenario
    • Application forms, monitoring forms
    • Health questionnaires
    • Interview notes
    • Records of Reference checks
    • Job advertisements
  • During employment, includes, but is not limited to:
    • Induction and training records
    • Job descriptions
    • Contract of employment
    • Receipts for policies/employee handbooks
    • Performance appraisals – documenting gaps in performance, objectives, etc.
    • Disciplinary action – absenteeism, violation of policies and procedures.
    • Return to work interviews
    • Holiday request forms, dated and authorized
    • Flexible working requests
    • Records of conversations
    • Exit interviews

All of this employment documentation if used and signed, is up-to-date and accurate and will help protect your organization going forward.

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