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Outsourced HR Support Service

Our outsourced HR service is designed to help business owners sleep at night. We provide a team of experienced HR consultants, supporting your business with unlimited calls and emails. Helping businesses follow the correct HR processes and manage various HR issues in the workplace.

We provide outsourced HR across Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. Our HR advisors can be seen in Ballymena, Newry, Derry/Londonderry, Belfast, Omagh, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all of the Central belt helping to support you through HR issues, such as employee grievances or workplace investigations.

We pride ourselves on not being a call centre, allowing our  HR consultants to get to know your business and HR issues. Whilst we don’t have set  HR consultants for each client, your business is free to ask for a specific HR consultant.

Why businesses should be outsourcing HR

Outsourced HR keeps business owners and managers legally compliant by providing contracts of employment and updating policies in line with changes to employment laws.

A key benefit of our outsourced HR service is that your business has unlimited expert HR advice at the end of a phone call or email, from start to finish of any HR issue that arises.

7 Benefits of outsourcing HR
  1. Helps to reduce business overheads
  2. Increased efficiency of the HR department
  3. Utilising HR management software (Breathe HR) to streamline processes including employee absence management
  4. Provides the business with HR experts that are unavailable in-house
  5. Safeguards the business against claims with an extra layer of expertise
  6. Outsourcing HR can be easily implemented alongside business strategies
  7. HR issues are dealt with quickly following HR processes and employment law

What’s included with our outsourced HR service?

Reviewing of employee contracts and handbooks

Our HR advisors will work with your business to develop contracts of employment and employee handbooks, keeping the documentation legally compliant with employment laws, policies, and procedures that benefit the needs of the business. If your business already has these in place, our HR advisors will complete a full HR audit of existing arrangements as part of our outsourced HR service.  

Unlimited phone and email support

The outsourced HR service we provide includes unlimited access to HR advisors during working hours (Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm) through calls and emails, helping your business to follow the correct HR processes. Our team of HR consultants will assist you with the disciplinary process, grievances, probationary period issues, and the redundancy process.

Hands-on HR support

Clients can benefit from our hands-on HR support which includes a bank of 10 / 21 hours per year (incorporating travel if onsite) for our HR advisors or HR consultants to attend internal meetings or via video conferencing*.

Our HR consultants can chair disciplinaries or dismissal hearings, attend ill health meetings with the business and employees or help with recruitment campaigns by attending interviews. Alternatively, used for face-to-face meetings to establish your business HR needs or to discuss complex issues.

Examples of how to use our hands-on HR support;
  •           Workplace investigations
  •          Employee appeals
  •         TUPE consultations
  •          Performance reviews
  •         Workplace/employee mediation
  •          Ill health meetings
  •      Redundancy consultations
  •          Participation in HR/Employee Meetings
  •          Chair Disciplinary or dismissal hearings
  •         Chair Grievance Hearings
  •         Assisting with recruitment interviews
  •          Provide Face to Face advice
  •         Training on a project
HR admin support

The HR admin support will support managers with new starters by preparing new starter packs, consisting of contracts of employment, employee handbooks, and health and safety handbooks, and provide advice on requirements for the new starter. Advising on updating employee holiday and sickness records for new employees.

Our HR admin support involves assisting higher-level HR managers/assistants and employers with the hiring process, including setting up recruitment and training events. Our HR consultants can be the link between the new employee and employer prior to the first day, answering any questions either side raised.

Local HR consultants

We are not a call centre, so over time you will get to know and work with all our HR consultants and HR advisors. Our HR consultancy team has extensive experience and are members of the CIPD.  

Our HR consultants can be seen in Ballymena, Newry, Derry/Londonderry, Belfast, Omagh, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all of the Central belt. With HR consultancy offices in Ballymena, Glasgow, and Manchester.

Advice on ongoing legislation changes

Employment law is everchanging, including when claims are tried at tribunals setting a precedent for further cases. Companies may need to adapt their policies and procedures ensuring they are compliant with current legislation such as the changes to holiday entitlement calculations.

Preparation of letters

Our team of HR consultants in Glasgow and Ballymena will create bespoke letters for your business such as responses to grievances letters, outcome letters, and letters inviting employees to disciplinary meetings. These will be specific to the situation and focus on the information provided prior and during the investigation meetings.

HR Management Software

By becoming a retained client of BeyondHR, we will give you access to HR software helping you to streamline systems for people management. Our HR software partner is Breathe HR and has multiple benefits, including*;

  •           Centralising employee records
  •           Absence and sickness management
  •           Booking holidays – allowing you to see if you have team cover and track holiday entitlements
  •           Increasing employee performance and employee engagement
  •           Managing day-to-day employee tasks
  •           Organising individual documentation in a safe and protected space online
  •           Report library and one-click data export helping to make HR reporting easier
  •           Streamlining systems with Breathe’s API to save time

*These are optional services

Additional outsourced HR services

On-site or virtual training

Our HR consultants can provide your team with in-depth training on a range of HR issues, such as equality and diversity training helping to improve company culture or bullying and harassment training in the workplace. It’s no longer enough just to have policies in place, these should be backed up with employee training.

The training can vary from virtual to on-site training, depending on your business preference or needs. Types of training available:


Struggling with time for a recruitment campaign?

We can manage the process for you, our recruitment service was developed to help solve the issues of recruitment being time-consuming and costly. We can help you prepare relevant job descriptions and job advertisements, furthermore, be the point of contact for candidates and the business.

We will prepare the interview schedule and communicate with candidates to organise the interviews.

Check out our recruitment page for further details of our recruitment service. 

HR consultancy in Scotland

Engaging with an HR consultancy in Scotland such as BeyondHR, provides a strategic edge that immensely benefits organisations, regardless of their size. Our experienced HR consultants in Glasgow can enhance your existing HR department with exceptional support, ensuring your business is safeguarded against potential employment tribunal claims.

Our proficient team of HR consultants in Scotland delivers additional support to your business’s HR infrastructure. Our expertise fills any potential gaps in your in-house capabilities, guaranteeing thorough HR assistance whenever you need it.

Our goal is to free your HR manager from burdensome administrative tasks, permitting them to concentrate on creating a positive organisational culture. We also provide continuing education on crucial topics, making certain your team remains up to date with new employment laws and HR best practices to sidestep common HR errors.

Partnering with BeyondHR as your HR consultancy in Scotland can lead to substantial cost and time savings for your business. We optimise your HR procedures, enabling you to focus on your core business operations.

Risk management regarding HR concerns is another vital aspect we handle. We provide guidance during critical business decisions, like disciplining or dismissing employees, ensuring your compliance with employment laws.

Our commitment extends to training and development of your team members, nurturing an environment that promotes growth and learning. As an unbiased HR consultancy in Scotland, we bring an impartial perspective to your business, supplying unprejudiced advice critical for fair decision-making.

Whether your business is in a growth phase, downsizing, or simply needs to recalibrate its HR strategy, BeyondHR, a reputable HR consultancy in Scotland, is ready to adapt to your unique requirements.


The decision to engage with an HR consultancy in Scotland like BeyondHR not only strengthens your HR operations but also fosters a healthier, more productive workplace. It’s an investment that reimburses itself in terms of cost savings, risk management, and overarching business success.

HR support in Glasgow

We provide comprehensive and flexible HR support, based in Glasgow but providing HR support across Scotland. Our HR consultants are highly skilled in dealing with HR practices, keeping your business up to date with employment laws, grievances, and providing training to employers/line managers on matters such as bullying and harassment.

Our reliable HR consultants in Glasgow will support your business with HR compliance.

  • Hands-on HR support i.e. attendance at grievance hearings
  • unlimited email and phone HR support
  • Assisting with grievances, disciplinaries and dismissals.
  • Employment documentation, employee handbook and contract of employment review to ensure up-to-date with employment laws
  • Step-by-step guidance on processes and procedures
  • Highlighting the risk associated with various decisions relating to employee decisions i.e. dismissals
outsourced HR
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Don't just take our word for it

sam timbrell
sam timbrell
I worked with Laura recently and she was so helpful, kind and informative. My personal experience with BeyondHR has always been positive and I would recommend them to everyone.
Enda Young
Enda Young
We've been working with BeyondHR in Mediation Northern Ireland for the past six months. I highly recommend their services in regards to HR issues around staff Handbooks, policies and procedures, health and safety and general HR guidance.
Armagh Rhymers
Armagh Rhymers
Beyond HR has been a brilliant support to ABC Community Network, very professional and efficient! The staff has been fantastic, especially Lauren and Deirdre. Cormac made the process of signing up very easy and cost effective. Thank you for all the support and guidance. Emma
Trevor Finlay
Trevor Finlay
The clue is in their name. They really do go beyond the call of duty. We have had an excellent service from the team over several years. Highly recommended for supporting on all staff related issues.
Iain Mcbride
Iain Mcbride
MAC Recruit Group were referred to Natalie and Beyond HR, to help with our initial set up and growth of the business. We received a fanstastic level or service where no questions was too small and all queries were answered in a very timely manner. I have no hesitation to referring Natalie to other business owners and we will continue to use the service for many years to come.
Tracy McGrath
Tracy McGrath
As a start up business, we required help and support to ensure both our business and staff were protected when it came to policies and procedures. We decided to speak with Natalie to find out what we required as a business. From initial telephone conversation, to face to face meeting – Natalie has been amazing. Value for money is brilliant and always knowing Natalie is at the end of the phone for any urgent questions is great for peace of mind. This allows us to free up the time to concentrate on our business. Since engaging Natalie over a year ago, we have recommended Natalie to a number of Clients, friends and family – all have businesses that employ various numbers of staff. She is an asset to any business small or large and her knowledge is second to none.
Anne Muir
Anne Muir
Fabrication Specialists Limited required a company who could keep us up to date with employment law and compliant with the requirements of employee contracts etc. We are delighted with the help and professionalism of Beyond HR, in particular Natalie who is always on the end of the phone when we need her. In these uncertain times dealing with Covid19 issues, BeyondHR have guided us through the requirements of furlough step by step making the whole process much easier to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend BeyondHR to any company seeking this type of service.