Why choose BeyondHR for your HR consultancy?

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BeyondHR: Your trusted HR consultancy firm in Scotland and Northern Ireland

BeyondHR is a distinguished HR consultancy firm providing a wide array of HR consulting services in the UK, including HR management and outsourced HR services in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Why choose BeyondHR for your HR consultancy?

Our local teams of HR consultants and Health & Safety Consultants are based in Northern Ireland and Scotland, offering HR and health & safety support services. Unlike many HR companies in the UK that bind you with 5-to-10-year contracts, BeyondHR ensures flexibility with contracts, facilitating strategic business planning.

Outsourced HR support for SMEs

Opting for our outsourced HR services not only saves time and money but also provides access to our retained monthly package. This package includes HR management software essential for managing employees’ holiday entitlement, annual leave, documentation, and company announcements, with the added benefit of unlimited calls and emails with our expert HR consultants.

Outsourcing HR services is the equivalent of hiring an HR assistant, but using fewer business resources with our hands on HR support. This may be used for employee appeals, TUPE, Performance reviews, Workplace Mediation, Ill health, Disciplinary & Grievance meetings, Face-to-face advice or Training on a project.

HR Consultancy Services

Through our HR consultancy services, your business gains support in various procedures, including managing employee performance and redundancy processes, allowing you more time to focus on strategic business growth. Our HR consultants in the UK are dedicated to providing clarity and reassurance on employment law and people management, significantly reducing the risk of costly mistakes during sensitive tasks like disciplinaries or managing menopause in the workplace.

Personalised HR Advisory Services

BeyondHR takes pride in offering personalised HR advisory services, not operating as a call centre but providing you with consistent support from a dedicated HR consultant. This approach fosters a deep understanding of your business, ensuring legal compliance in employee documentation and offering guidance through potential pitfalls, such as unfair dismissals or discrimination issues.

Our team is predominantly woman-led with a female COO and two female HR directors.

Local Expertise in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Our HR services, based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and Glasgow, Scotland, are delivered by trained HR consultants well-versed in the employment laws of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With a focus on providing expert HR advice, we support SMEs across Northern Ireland and Scotland, ensuring clarity on HR issues and compliance with employment laws.

The BeyondHR Advantage

Experienced HR Consultants: With support from our seasoned HR consultants, your team gains invaluable insight and expertise in dealing with employee matters, ensuring a safe and compliant working environment.

Hands-On HR Services: BeyondHR offers unlimited email and phone call support, hands-on HR support during probationary period reviews, and participation in disciplinaries, providing your business with the external, unbiased insight it needs to avoid costly mistakes and legal claims.

Why Outsource HR Services to BeyondHR?

Outsourcing to BeyondHR, a specialised HR consultancy in the UK, empowers your business with strategic guidance and expertise for various HR challenges, from employee grievances to managing ill health or maternity leave. Our seasoned HR consultants are committed to helping businesses optimise their workforce, improve employee engagement, and navigate through complex HR challenges seamlessly.

By entrusting your HR responsibilities to BeyondHR, your business can focus on core competencies while our HR consultants ensure compliance with the latest employment laws and best practices.

The result is a more efficient, compliant, and people-centric organization poised for long-term growth and success. For more insights, visit our testimonials page to learn how our HR consultancy services have supported businesses across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Health & Safety for businesses

Employers have a duty of care over their employees, making health and safety a key component of a business. Our health and safety advisors will provide practical assistance, documentation, and administration, supporting your business and ensuring it is compliant with health and safety legislation.

Our health and safety advisor will provide an annual on-site visit to complete a health and safety audit, alongside continuous unlimited telephone and email support from the health and safety team.

By outsourcing your health and safety, you provide an extra layer of protection for employees and the business, while keeping risk assessments up to date for HSE or HSENI inspections of the workplace.  

Our services are perfect for supporting departments including HR and production, as it’s not possible for one employee to have covered all aspects of HR management or Health & Safety requirements.

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