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The BeyondHR HR consultancy service expanded into Glasgow 4 years ago and continues to develop year after year. The HR consultancy in Glasgow has grown to a team of 4, with Laura Bannister joining us in October as our newest HR consultant.

Expanding our HR
consultancy in Glasgow
was the natural next step when wanting to expand our
reach and network. From personal experience of the management team working in
Scotland, it was identified to be a similar market to Northern Ireland. 

Back in 2019, our CEO Neil McLeese commented “Our immediate ambition is to become the foremost HR consultancy in Glasgow, and we look forward to this challenge.”  Our team of HR consultants has taken on this challenge, growing the HR consultancy service in Glasgow and across the central belt to Edinburgh.

Neil now reflecting back on the last 4 years comments; “We started our Glasgow operation four years ago with big ambitions and, looking back, I couldn’t be any happier with how our first four years have gone. When we opened our office, we only had one client but now we are privileged to be the trusted HR partner for more than 100 businesses across Scotland.  So far, our team has grown to four – all of them are great professionals who really care about our clients and provide them with great service.  Our original ambitions haven’t changed so we are excited to see how far we can progress in the next four years!”

HR consultancy services in Glasgow

Our HR consultants provide HR support for employers throughout Scotland*, not only in Glasgow with both outsourced HR services and HR consultancy projects, covering a wide range of HR issues in the workplace – including;

How our HR consultants in Glasgow can help your business

At our HR consultancy firm, we proudly stand among the leading HR consultants in Glasgow. Our dedicated team is equipped with the professional insight necessary to handle a wide range of HR-related tasks. We believe in engaging actively with your team, attending employee meetings, whether it be chairing disciplinary discussions, dismissal hearings, or attending ill health meetings.

Our HR consultancy services extend to delivering essential training on subjects such as bullying and harassment, as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We understand that a positive culture in a workplace is key to success and productivity. We also ensure that your contracts of employment and employee handbooks are updated in relation to employment laws.

Navigating through disciplinaries, redundancies, and the complex TUPE process can be a daunting task, but we are here to provide our unwavering support. We help streamline procedures, including employment absence management, streamlining processes within the business.

As HR consultants in Glasgow, we believe in making informed business decisions. We assist in analysing business risk in relation to employment laws, providing you with the insight you need to stay ahead. Our services also include unlimited phone and email support for assistance and advice on employee matters.

We offer comprehensive outsourced HR support, including assistance with onboarding new starters, including communication with the new employer prior to their first day. Our team stays up to date with ongoing changes in employment laws, providing you with timely advice.

We also assist in the preparation of formal letters, aiding in maintaining professional communication within your business. Our HR management software simplifies the task of managing employee documentation and holiday schedules, making your job easier.

As your trusted HR consultants in Glasgow, we strive to make your HR processes as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Why Glasgow businesses should invest in HR consultancy services?

Investing in a HR consultancy is a strategic move that can greatly benefit businesses of all sizes. As a leading HR consultancy in Glasgow, even if you already have a HR manager in-house, our team can offer invaluable assistance and a second opinion to ensure that your company is adequately protected against potential employment tribunal claims.

Our team of HR consultants offer extra support for your business. Our expertise fills in any gaps your business might not have in-house, ensuring you have comprehensive HR support at all times.

We aim to free your HR manager’s time from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on developing a positive organisational culture. Our services also include further training on essential topics, ensuring your team is always up-to-date with the latest employment laws and HR best practices avoiding common mistakes made by businesses.

Choosing BeyondHR as your HR consultancy in Glasgow can lead to cost and time savings within your business. We streamline your HR operations, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Risk management for HR matters is another critical area we cover. We guide you through important business decisions, such as when to discipline or dismiss employees, ensuring you remain compliant with employment laws.

We are committed to the training and development of your team members, fostering an environment that supports growth and continuous learning. Our HR consultancy brings impartiality to your business, providing unbiased advice that is essential for fair decision-making.

Whether you’re in a growth phase, downsizing, or simply need to adjust your HR strategy, our HR consultancy in Glasgow is ready to adapt to your requirements.

In summary, investing in a HR consultancy not only enhances your HR operations but also contributes to a healthier, more productive workplace. It’s an investment that pays for itself in terms of cost savings, risk management, and overall business success.

HR partnerships in Glasgow

Premier Partners with Causeway Exchange

Causeway Exchange puts us in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs who are trying to promote and grow their businesses across Ireland and Scotland.
The network is very active with well-attended face-to-face events. We are thrilled to be joining Causeway Exchange as their latest Premier Partner and delighted to be working with the Causeway Exchange team at this level, helping to support more businesses with their HR and Health and safety needs. Our support will benefit businesses working across Scotland and Ireland, looking forward to working with the Causeway Exchange members. 

HR consultancy in glasgow

Renfrewshire Chamber

Director Natalie O’Hare was announced as a Director on the Board of Directors for Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce in Glasgow and more recently judged at the ROCCO Awards 2022 for the Most Promising New Business.

The Renfrewshire chamber provided multiple networking opportunities this year, including the Business Exhibition in May, which provide the chance to speak with visitors and other business owners.

Be proactive in safeguarding your business with an HR consultancy service protecting your business from potentially unfair dismissal claims or tribunal penalties for not following correct employment laws, adding 3-4 weeks’ pay for employee compensation.

BeyondHR is a team of professional HR Consultants with offices in Northern Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland. The company has more than 25 years of experience in providing outsourced HR services and HR projects for employers. 

If you would like more information or a free HR consultation, please do not hesitate to get in contact for more information on our HR consultancy in Glasgow or follow us on LinkedIn.

*with clients based in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.

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