How to handle difficult conversations in the workplace with 10 top tips

difficult conversations in the workplace

How to handle difficult conversations in the workplace

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How to handle difficult conversations in the workplace

Difficult conversations in the workplace should not be avoided, as employers or line managers, it’s important to manage these conversations in a way that information is provided in a sensitive manner and should occur on a one-to-one basis.

Reasons for difficult conversations in the workplace

  1. Dealing with poor performance or misconduct from an employee
  2. Addressing personal issues
  3. Conducting an investigation process
  4. Dealing with raised grievances
  5. Supporting an employee i.e., employee’s job is redundant or returning from sick leave
  6. Confronting personality clashes in the workplace

Addressing difficult conversations in the workplace as a matter of urgency is essential to minimise the potential impact, as well as ensuring to not add any tension or stress to the situation or employee.

Employers and line managers should set the tone of the conversations helping to ensure consistency and gain the required information. Conducting the conversation with professionalism and a calm manner is critical for ensuring the desired outcome.

How line managers deal with difficult workplace conversations can be linked to their success as a manager, helping to keep a positive working environment and productive employees. Providing training for line managers can help in these situations.

This downloadable guide will provide you with insights to statistics surrounding difficult workplace conversations and ten top tips for dealing with them, helping you have constructive conversations with employees and stop you from avoiding particular conversations due to have the skills to deal with them effectively.

The guide includes

  1. The statistics
  2. 3 hardest workplace conversations
  3. The tricky 10 conversations
  4. Tips for dealing with difficult conversations

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Our Director Natalie O’Hare has also done a webinar on Struggling with Difficult workplace conversations? We are here for you! Watch now!


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