Our webinars provide businesses, owners and managers in Northern Ireland & Scotland with insights, latest developments and updates on HR, health and safety guidance as well as legal updates in relation to compliance with employment law and safety regulations.


Covid-19 Vaccinations In The Workplace
Webinar By BeyondHR (June 2021)

Topics covered within this webinar:

  •  > Whether or not employers can make vaccinations compulsory
  • > Why forcing employees to be vaccinated could be an issue
  • > What constitutes a philosophical belief

How the Job Interview Has Changed Forever
Webinar By BeyondHR (June 2021)

The job interview has changed forever. Join the Founder of Willo, Euan Cameron and Natalie O’Hare, Managing Consultant at BeyondHR for a 45 minute session exploring how interviewing will never be the same again!

Here’s what was discussed:

  • 1. Where we are now at for the interview process and what this looks like
  • 2. The HR considerations in a changing world of recruitment
  • 3. How Willo can help you keep up with the times