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The Recruitment process

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The Recruitment Process

We have developed a recruitment process checklist for employers, included in free guide is;

    • What are the aims of recruitment
    • The 11-step process of the recruitment process

    Why is getting the recruitment process right so important?

    Recruitment and business success, go hand in hand.

    Recruiting the right candidate may lead to higher levels of productivity, increased staff morale, and soaring profits. If a business recruits the wrong candidate, it can have the opposite effect and impact on the business.

    Hiring wrong may lead to higher turnover rates, impacting the reputation of the company in a negative manner.

    Recruitment may be a financial burden on the company but getting it right the first time is critical.

    When is recruitment needed?

    Recruitment isn’t only needed when an employee leaves the business.

    Businesses need to be monitoring employee workloads, evaluating if employee workloads are increasing and it may be necessary to recruit. Furthermore, recruiting a new employee is needed when a business is seeing a higher level of sales or clientele signing up to their service.

    A company may be trying to diversify its workforce, leading to the requirement to the recruitment process. Employers may look to recruit new employees from various backgrounds and experiences.

    Recruitment needs can also come from;

        • Employee being promoted

        • Employee Retirement

        • New service development

        • Employee resignation

      Benefits and drawbacks of internal recruitment

      Internal recruitment is one of the most common forms of recruitment. This is when an employer seeks to fill a position with existing employees.

      The internal recruitment process is beneficial in many ways including;

          • Knowledge and understanding of company values and culture

          • Cost saving

          • Boosts employee morale

          • Quicker method to fill the vacancy

        However, it has its drawbacks including;

            • Decreased pool of applicants

            • Limited knowledge and experience

            • Lack of diversity

            • Increased bias

            • Fewer opportunities for new ideas and perspectives

          Internal recruitment is a great measure for boosting employee morale, helping to retain other employees due to seeing progression within the company, and leading to more skillful employees. However, internal recruitment should not be used in isolation.

          Benefits and drawbacks of external recruitment

          When wanting to bring fresh perspectives to a business, employers opt for the external recruitment process. Which brings multiple benefits alongside drawbacks compared to internal recruitment.

          The benefits of the external recruitment process

              • Wider range of candidates i.e. more diverse

              • Fresh perspectives and ideas

              • More experienced candidates

              • Increased chance of the right candidates for the job

              • Reduced manager bias

            The drawbacks of the external recruitment process

                • Expensive process

                • Long process that is time-consuming

                • Settling in period for new employee

                • May increase turnover rates

                • Limited company knowledge

                • Less immediate compared to internal due to notice periods

              External recruitment is a fantastic method for filling vacancies in the workplace to increase workforce diversity and new perspectives.

              Companies should weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of both external and internal recruitment. Helping to establish the best method for the particular role.

              Our recruitment services

              Focus on growing your business and let the experts manage the recruitment process.

              We will manage your recruitment process from start to finish, including;

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                  • Shortlisting applicants for interviewing

                  • Scheduling interviews with candidates

                  • Creating an interview schedule to suit your calendar/availability

                  • Sending out regret letters and letters of offer

                  • If required, one of our HR consultants can attend the interviews helping to score each candidate

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