STOP thinking stress is all negative!


Stress is usually viewed in negative light with many people dreaming of the peaceful life, realistically is this goal achievable. Especially if you are wanting to grow an empire as many Gen-Z are aiming to do or even progression your career within a business, this is not without some level of stress.  Whilst reaching an unhealthy level can be damaging to our mental and physical health, a small degree of pressure in our lives could be unavoidable and beneficial to our motivation levels.

People aiming to eliminate any stressful situations from their daily lives are not recognising the key role it can play, for example pushing them to improve their skill set which may lead to promotions.

Neil McLeese our CEO commented in the Irish News, saying;

‘Stress is often triggered when people are performing at the edge of their ability. This can be caused by circumstances outside of our control or when we really push ourselves.’

‘It allows us to push boundaries and by doing this we can maximise our personal capabilities and achievements. At its very essence, providing an opportunity to grow.’

A healthy level of pressure has its benefits, including;

  1. Higher levels of motivation
  2. Improving focus and concentration
  3. Higher energy levels
  4. Increased alertness
  5. Heightening senses
  6. Short periods of stress can stimulate immune systems leading to higher levels of protection from infection

Outside our comfort zone

Lev Vygotsky a psychologist has argued that when individuals are challenged outside their comfort zone, they learn best. Being outside your comfort zone can also be a stressful experience for many people.  Adapting how we react can be beneficial in understanding the positive side, pushing us to achieve higher through increased performance.

An awareness of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress is critically for ensuring it does not reach a level exceeding an individual’s ability to function normally, including performance levels at work as well as being able to switch off from the situations in-order to relax. Steps must be taken when these levels are too high for normal functions to occur. Reducing levels of stress through seeking advice from a trained professional, further to, this businesses should have a stress risk assessment completed helping to minimise the impact on employees.

Managing stressful situations

If our body deems something as a threat, it will react to this in a negative way i.e. through stressing. Moving our mindset from threat to challenge, helps adapt how our body reacts to these situations. Taking on new challenges and getting out of our comfort zone in an exciting light can reduce the risk of stress-levels getting too high.

In order to change this feeling into productivity, we need to adopt a positive mind set, as our CEO Neil said ‘focusing on our strengths as well as the resources we have to deal with the situation’ leads to better management. 

When managed correctly it can be used to anyone advantage, people can strive through these situation from proper and efficient management. This does not hinder the impact stressful situations can have other individuals, if stressful environment continues for a long period of time, it can have a drastic impact on the individuals mental and physical health.

By taking the stance stressful situations are unavoidable, we can help ourselves by understanding the proper management tools. This in turn will reduce the potential impact it has on yourself, further to this, it can lead to using it in a positive way to increase productivity alongside pushing yourself forward and breaking out of your comfort zone.

We explore and develop more when out of your comfort zone.

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