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Recruitment and Retention in the workplace

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Recruitment involves attracting and selecting an individual for a role within an organisation. The recruitment process involves identifying the need for a role within an organisation. 

If someone has left the company, you may want to assess if you require the same skills as the predecessor and adjust the person’s specification criteria to suit the needs of the business.

Recruitment procedures

There are set recruitment procedures that you need to follow when recruiting. You must keep records of the process as you need to be able to prove that the process has been carried out fairly.

The most important thing about recruitment is about matching the right person to the right job. The recruitment procedures will help you to do this.

When carrying out recruitment, you are not measuring people against each other, you are measuring them against the ideal candidate which you have already decided upon in-person specification.

The people involved in the recruitment process should know what they are doing, which may involve some training.

Recruitment is expensive in both time and money so you need to make sure when you do recruit someone, you must induct and train them properly so that they stay.

Check out our YouTube video on recruitment and retention in the workplace.


Retention is the term that describes the extent to which an employer retains its employees, we have been experiencing the ‘Great Reshuffle‘ the last few years making retention harder for employers. 

If you have a problem with retention, you might want to keep a record of why people are leaving by completing an exit interview and that will be a really good way to guide you as to what you need to change your company.

How to improve company retention

You can improve retention in your company by being flexible with employees working hours, ensuring everyone is treated fairly, focusing on employee wellbeing and giving employees a voice in making business decisions.


Reviewing your company to establish if your employees have a healthy work-life balance, ensuring they switch off from work and aren’t continually sending emails outside of working hours. 

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