Disciplinary Investigation

disciplinary investigation

Disciplinary Investigation

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disciplinary investigation

Disciplinary Investigation Guide 

When conducting investigations there are general principles to follow to ensure the business safeguards relationships within the workplace.

What is a disciplinary investigation?

These investigations are fact-finding exercises to establish any wrongdoing within the workplace and if disciplinary is required.

Our FREE downloadable guide can help your business to understand the necessary process for completing a robust workplace investigation;

  1. Appointing an investigator
  2. External investigators
  3. Suspensions
  4. Types of physical evidence
  5. What to do when refusal to provide evidence occurs
  6. How an investigation report should be written

Our HR consultants can assist with your disciplinary by being your external investigator as well as guiding you through the full process with unlimited calls and emails to discuss the investigation as each case will differ.

Employee behaviour that requires disciplinary 
  • Bullying or harassment 
  • Sexual assault or harassment 
  • Gross negligence 
  • Physical or verbal assault
  • Discriminating against protected characteristics 

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